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8 Specialist Education Programs

Not only do we care for and educate your child under the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and incorporate STEAM Learning, but our unique educational curriculum also includes our 8 Specialist Education Programs. These important programs are all part of our own Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR) Approach to Enhance Early Learning Child Care and are exclusive to Leap Start.

Our 8 Specialist Education Programs are taught by our highly trained and experienced Specialist Program Facilitators.


Our Performing Arts Facilitator incorporates dance, music, singing, and drama into all her sessions making it a fun and interactive experience the children love. Plus the children learn and sing along to Leap Start’s very own 20 songs which were composed by our resident WAAPA Bachelor qualified Music Program Facilitator and professionally recorded.

“Just singing” isn’t good enough for us at Leap Start!


Our Performing Arts Program involves singing, acting, and dancing for our 6-year-old children, facilitated in our purpose-built Performing Arts Studio. Our children are encouraged to initiate and contribute from their own ideas and to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy, and concentration.

Watch your child become a confident and involved performer while having a whale of a time!


Dance Classes for all our children in our purpose-built Studio. Combining gross and fine motor movement and balance, our children learn a variety of dance styles and become spatially more aware in an enjoyable, playful, and age-appropriate way.

Followed by ARTIFICENT TOTS Art Program

Offering a variety of individual and group creative art sessions, children of all ages learn and grow in our purpose-built studio. Drawing, painting, and sculpture are all on offer to bring out the creativity in your child.

Your child not only learns a variety of methods but also gains a deeper understanding of art styles and art throughout history. And we proudly display the children’s art in our Art Gallery at reception next to established artists’ works for everyone to see. They can hold their own!


Our Specialist Mandarin and Arabic Language Facilitators offer daily language sessions, engaging with children in Mandarin, Arabic, and Auslan, using books, songs, and conversations.


This hands-on Budding Builders Specialist Program is part of Leap Start’s STEAM implementation. Woodworking, building, construction, robotics, and safe electric circuitry sessions are enjoyed. The children help us design small and large furniture before Christian from Crafted Wood, a Master Furniture Maker builds them for us. Our children’s creations are now commercially produced and sold to other ChildCare Centres!!!.

The collaborative process from conception to design, to viewing the object in its physical form has an amazing effect on the children and stimulates their imagination, innovation, and creativity.

Budding Builders is where children use tools and highly specialised resources, such as Lego Mindstorm and Brain Box, and actively explore a variety of materials such as wood, pipes, bricks, and more.

It’s all part of STEAM in Action!!


Children can choose to participate in calming Relaxation Sessions to wind down and stretch their legs after a morning of high-energy experiences and mental stimulation.

Our children learn to self-regulate, manage their emotions and recognise their need for rest and quiet moments.


The Farmyard Friends specialist program has been created first and foremost to provide your children with an enjoyable experience learning to care for our animals. Ziggy and Daisy are our resident ducks who love all the attention they receive from the children.

The aim is to broaden their understanding and knowledge of the world they live in, demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for the natural environment, and explore and learn about the interdependence between people and animals.

Children learn hands-on all about ducks and how to care for them. For example, did you know that the male duck (drake) has a quieter quack than the female duck and that is, apart from laying eggs, the only way to distinguish their gender? Our children do !!

Plus, we have two purpose-built Art Studios. PERFORMING ARTS and VISUAL ARTS

The inclusion of a variety of the arts is part of STEAM Learning. Studies have shown that the arts can enhance the neurodevelopment of critical brain networks in children at a young age leading to many benefits.

Our two purpose-built Art Studios are specifically designed to encourage and nurture your child’s imagination and creativity. Unique to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River both rooms are beautiful, light, and inviting spaces designed for inspiration.

This is where we explore the creative arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, movement, music, and storytelling to express ideas and make meaning.

We have a large collection of musical instruments from around the world, and more than enough to guarantee every child gets to try them all.

Our Performing Arts and Visual Arts Studios

  • Little Steppers,
  • Symphony Singers
  • Artificent Tots.

Our Performing Arts and Visual Arts Studios are the places for your children to discover their talents, be themselves and start their Learning Journey while having lots of fun.

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