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STEAM Learning-Based Program Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics.

As a parent, you make many decisions about, for, and with your children over their lifetime. The 0-7 age bracket is one of the most important in their development, so it’s vital you get the right childcare for your child’s early development.

The Federal Government is pushing for more STEAM Learning curricula in all education because studies have shown that this hands-on learning experience better prepares children for their future.

Our “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) approach encompasses STEAM Learning. The building, facilities, and curriculum have been specifically designed to incorporate STEAM Learning in a fun and exciting environment.

This is what makes Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River unique when it comes to your child’s early education.

Enhance Your Child’s Early Education and Brain Development with the STEAM Learning Approach at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River

  • Science. Purposely designed garden, supervised cooking, and interactive toys.
  • Technology. Robotics, safe electric circuitry sessions, and highly specialised resources, such as Lego Mindstorm and Brain Box.
  • Engineering. Woodworking, building, furniture design, and construction.
  • Arts. Performing, visual, and music programs in our two purposely built studios make us unique. This includes our 2 volumes of professionally recorded, sung, and composed songs. Plus the encouragement of creative expression with different media, such as painting, drawing, collage, light effects, and many more
  • Mathematics. Learn maths through games, songs, and experiences.

Situated on over 3,000m2 Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River offers your child an advanced education curriculum to promote their development as they grow from infancy to their preschool years.

Here are some of the Proven Benefits STEAM Learning at Leap Start will have on Your Child to help them Grow into Bright, Happy, Confident Young People ready for the big step up into formal schooling…

  • Brain Development and Memory – active participation in the arts, problem-solving when building an object, or exploring science to learn about the plants in the garden have been shown to develop multiple areas of the brain and boost memory skills.
  • Speech and Vocabulary – regular singing of songs, exploring new environments, and experimenting with new materials, tools, and challenges, not only enhances a child’s vocabulary, it also strengthens their communication skills.
  • Build Confidence and Self-Esteem – a hands-on approach to learning is fun and engaging. Singing in small groups, using specific tools to complete a task, or mixing the ingredients to bake a cake all help a child build confidence in their abilities and increase their self-esteem.
  • Fine Motor Skills – playing instruments, learning how to use a pair of scissors, or painting the next masterpiece are a few of the fun experiences the children enjoy while honing and developing their fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Sensory Engagement – all skills are practised including viewing, touching, listening, verbalising, smelling, tasting, and moving for a total educational experience
  • Love of Learning – using a fun, playful, and hands-on learning experience in these formative years, helps a child develop a love of learning, building a positive relationship that makes the transition to school easier and more exciting.

We’ve employed specialist teachers to run our “LITTLE SYMPHONIES”, “PERFORMING ARTS” and “VISUAL ARTS” programs in our purpose-built studios.

You’ll notice musical instruments are everywhere because music is one of the foundations of our Arts programs. We use music for dancing, singing, and movement games. In fact, we love music so much that we have a SONOS sound system that enables us to play different music throughout the facility including our 2 dedicated “Performance and Visual Art Studios” which are unique to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River.

In our Performance Art Studio, you’ll find some weird and wonderful instruments from all around the world that the children get to play as they dance, sing or hone their acting skills.

As you can see, at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River we go the extra mile to guarantee your child’s first educational experiences are full of fun and excitement. So much so that we hired a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) trained Singer to compose two volumes of 10 children’s educational fun action songs which we had professionally recorded. All families are provided free of charge with their own take-home copies of the songs and a music book so you can sing along as a family and help them learn and grow together.

While in our Visual Arts Studio, the children can listen to music while they make their masterpieces painting, drawing, or sculpting on tables and benches suitable for their height… using the inspiration of artworks hanging on the walls from established artists.

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River music is for EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY through singing, movement, playing percussion instruments, and relaxation sessions which helps your child become confident.

This is a key point of difference. Many childcare centres offer music. What this usually means is that an outside provider visits the centre one day a week and only those children whose parents pay extra can participate.

Music for your child at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River is part of our Art curriculum in STEAM Learning. It’s not a user-pays add-on, or merely a Childcare Educator singing a nursery rhyme or giving a group instruction in a musical instrument.

Yes, Leap Start kids love their music and love performing their concerts for parents even more.

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