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Ensuring Your Child is Ready for School

“Nothing is left to chance to guarantee your child is school ready.”

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River, we work closely with local schools so we can best prepare your child for the transition to the next stage of their education.

STEAM Learning and our unique “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) Approach curriculum results in children entering primary school full of confidence, high self-esteem, and excitement.

Our Early Childhood Educators and Teachers specialists ensure the children are exposed to learning experiences designed to develop their skills for a lifelong love of learning.

Ongoing professional development for our staff to stay current is important to us in order to stay current and to benefit our children’s learning through new skills and knowledge. (Such as using hula hoop venn diagrams inspired by James Nottingham and his book “The Learning Pit”)

We encourage the development of self-confidence, problem-solving, curiosity, and individualism. Your child will leave Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River and enter formal schooling with practical everyday skills enabling them to focus on the more formal learning taking place at Primary School and be confident enough to ask questions to their new teachers.

They will be able to think critically and collaborate with others, interact with respect, and have a natural curiosity to help them succeed in school.

Their strong sense of self-efficacy, resilience, and determination will see them willingly engage in the challenging tasks they will be presented with in school to further enhance their development through childhood.

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River, every decision we make is geared towards giving your child the RIGHT foundation for success at primary school.

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