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NEW, Unique and Exciting Neuroscientist Endorsed Child Care Program

Scientifically Proven Child Care Curriculum to Enhance a Child's Early Development is NOW Available to Parents Who Want the Best for Their Child

6 Important Attributes to Leap Start Your Child’s Early Education

  • We place a strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Learning and Nature Play
  • Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • We adhere to Kindergarten Curriculum WA guidelines
  • Our Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR) education program is unique to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and endorsed by renowned neuroscientist Dr Nathan Hagemann
  • Our Interactive Educational Garden was specially designed in collaboration with our staff, parents, the children and Early Childhood Expert Kimberly Beasley
  • The Unique Education Features throughout the facility are based on the latest research from global Early Childhood Education experts, with input and ideas from our staff, the parents and of course the children.

Welcome to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River

Scientific research and clinical studies indicate that up to the age of seven, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their life.

It is essential to take advantage of these early years of brain development and introduce your child to a wide range of experiences when they are most receptive.

What is included or excluded from the curriculum affects how your child will learn, develop, and understand the world.

The quality of your child’s earliest environments and the availability of appropriate experiences at the precise stages of development are critical to brain development and the foundation for learning in later life.

That’s why choosing the right child care is critically important and NOT a decision you should take lightly.

Our unique approach to teaching, encouraging, and playfully developing children, is scientifically proven to enhance their early development.

Following the EYLF Framework and incorporating STEAM Learning, our own method is called “Accelerated Neuro Response” or otherwise known as the ANR education program.

Every feature of our child care centre is a collaboration of ideas and thoughts from qualified staff, parents, the children, and international experts to give your child the greatest experience.

The building and facilities have been specifically designed to incorporate the STEAM approach and allow investigative and exploratory play in small and large groups and individual play.

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River, we take the responsibility for the role we play in your child’s early development years very seriously.

Your child’s well-being and development are our HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Nathan Hageman MD. PhD. endorses NEW unique education program entitled “Accelerated Neuro Response” Education Program for early childhood development

Dr Nathan Hageman is a Medical Doctor with a PhD in Neuroscience from University of California LA and degrees in Chemistry, Biology and Physics from Johns Hopkins University, California. He has led ground-breaking research in the area of Neuroscience.

“I hereby endorse the Leap Start Early Learning program called the Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR) education program to stimulate early child development in a variety of cognitive, emotional, and social areas. This program focuses on early exposure to music, art, and foreign languages, which may enhance the development of fundamental neural pathways in a child’s brain that can benefit him/her for the rest of their life.

Recent studies have shown that early learning in music, arts, and foreign language can enhance neurodevelopment of critical brain networks responsible for facilitating language development, mathematics, and reading comprehension, as well as positively impact fine motor skills, coordination, memory, focus, discipline, and self-esteem. In fact, important current research has shown that early education programs in music, arts, and foreign language can accelerate brain development and help establish and enhance early important neural networks whose activity is known to be reduced in common childhood learning and behaviour disorders, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia.

While most school programs move to cut back or eliminate music and art programs, current research suggests that early education in music, art, and language, such as the Leap Start Early Learning ANR education program, may provide a child with the foundation for a better academic future. Therefore, I highly recommend the Leap Start Early Learning ANR education program as an engaging and scientifically-based curriculum developed to enhance a child’s development and help him/her excel.”


Nathan Hageman, MD, Ph.D
29585 Avenida La Paz, Unit B
Cathedral City, CA 92234
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Here are 27 Reasons Why Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River is the First and Last Choice for Parents Whose Child’s Safety is Paramount...

  • 1External Fence
  • 2Entrance Fence
  • 3Inner Courtyard Playground – no exposure to unknown persons, no dangerous rubbish thrown into garden
  • 4All staff First Aid/CPR trained
  • 5All staff receive annual Fire Warden Training
  • 6Electronic, individualised access to building
  • 7No access to children’s area for unauthorized persons
  • 8Lock down buckets with food, drink, hygiene items, nappies, potty and portable toilet
  • 9Evacuation bags with socks, blankets, and umbrellas for weather protection. We use Yoga mats to create a safe path exiting the building and to prevent the children's feet from being burnt on hot ground.
  • 10Monitored Alarm System
  • 11Duress Button
  • 12Cameras
  • 13Number Plate Recognition Camera
  • 14Educators given time to check premises daily before centre opening
  • 15Educators wearing Hygiene Bags with tissues, gloves, mask, sanitizer, band aids
  • 16Paediatric Defibrillator at reception
  • 17All staff receive device specific annual defib training
  • 18Areas containing chemicals inaccessible to children (laundry, main kitchen, store, staff room and staff office)
  • 19Safety Data sheets maintained for all chemicals on site
  • 20 Internal action plan is created for each child with a medical condition in collaboration with the parents and the child's physician, in addition to Official Medical action plans and practitioner plans. We supply children either with an "Anaphylaxis" or "Medical Condition" Wristband and ask parents to train us in their child's special requirements, such as braces for Hip Dysplasia.
  • 21No food or other possibly allergen containing resources allowed into children’s area not having been purchased by Leap Start
  • 22Centre provides toothbrushes for staff having eaten something containing possible allergens in their lunch break
  • 23Daily professional cleaning
  • 24Hospital grade disinfection wipes (Clinell)
  • 25Hand wash basin at centre entrance to prevent spread of germs
  • 26Doorbell system into each Learning Area to prevent unnecessary access into centre- germ prevention
  • 27Heat guns to monitor temperatures in summer to prevent overheating in the playground

Here’s What Some Of Our Parents Have To Say…

  • “Awesome Facilities”

    “We absolutely loved seeing the awesome facilities at our pre-opening visit. Declan loved trying all the brilliant outdoor apparatus and cant wait to start in a few weeks! The Centre is amazing!”

    Jodie Elliott
  • “Eases our guilt and apprehension”

    “My husband and I can’t thank you enough for being so welcoming and kind during this big transition our family is undertaking. It eases our guilt and apprehension when we see and feel the professional yet caring atmosphere the centre has.”

    Sarah and Toby James
  • “Plenty of interaction”

    “I’ve got little Ethan who’s 16 months and when we thought about how we would develop his intellectual and physical skills we thought about music, hence we came to Bonker

    George – Father

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