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Fresh, Nutritious Onsite Prepared Meals from the Kitchen

Our experienced Food Operations Coordinator and Food Operations Assistant prepare delicious and nutritious meals on-site in our specially designed commercial kitchen. The children love the delicious meals cooked with seasonal ingredients, partially grown in our own gardens.

Most child care facilities only have a cook but as you have come to realise we go that one step further. Gone too is the traditional cramped kitchen or kitchenette, Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River boasts expansive bench space for meal prep, and commercial appliances.

We are a Registered Food Business and have passed both the Council and Regulatory Food Audits with flying colours.

Of course, the commercial kitchen is inaccessible to children. All staff are fully trained in the safe and hygienic handling and storage of food. And no, we don’t “just cut sandwiches”.

Children have the opportunity to cook in their very own child-height kitchen in their respective Hub.

A balanced and nutritious menu is provided based on the recommended daily intake. The menu is varied to include fruits, vegetables, dairy, vegetarian, beef, and chicken. Special dietary requirements are catered for and understood.

Individual Internal Action Plans are created for all children with allergies and additional colour-coded documentation is prepared for children with cultural or dietary requirements based on intolerances:

  • Red: Allergies/Anaphylaxis
  • Blue: Intolerances
  • Green: Cultural Reasons

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River, your child’s health and safety are our top priority. To ensure their safety, children with Allergies receive their own chair and red coloured bib only to be used by them. They receive a splashproof box for their food to avoid cross-contamination and we follow a colour-coded system for special dietary requirements forms:

  • Naturally, cleaning and sterilising chemicals are stored separately from food and drinks and out of reach of children
  • No outside food is allowed past the doors leading into the children’s area

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