Why Leap Start has SAFETY STANDARDS that are arguably UNMATCHED WORLDWIDE

Safety Standards
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Safety Standards: You may be aware of a recent incident at a Perth Childcare Centre on the 23rd of April 2024 where a child pricked her finger on a syringe and managed to break the skin that was within reach of a child while inside the childcare. The news report from 7News outlining the incident is below.


The parents are sick to their stomach and now have an anxious wait as they have to get their daughter another 2 blood tests over the next 12 weeks to ensure that she hasn’t been infected with any diseases.

Safety Standards at Leap Start

Below outlines why here at Leap Start we have designed our centre the way we have ensuring that safety measures are implemented.

When it came to deciding on the layout of the centre time was taken to ensure that we had the right design to best support children and their safety. Prior to building our first centre in Jandakot a survey was taken to ask parents what was most important to them when looking or a centre for their child/ren.


#1 Parents wanted their child to get a great education in the early informative years of their lives

Leap Start Early Learning’s “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) approach encompasses STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Learning.
STEAM is implemented through our daily practices and the design of the centre, along with incorporating it through our Specialist Programs.

Read more about how STEAM is embedded into our centre and the benefits children have from STEAM Learning – STEAM Learning-Based Program Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Mathematics. – Leapstart Early Learning Child Care – Leapstart Early Learning Child Care1 (leapstartchildcaresouthernriver.com.au)

#2 Parents wanted their child to be safe from harm and prying eyes. With Parents telling us safety is one of the most important factors when choosing a childcare centre to entrust their precious child to, we immediately set out to build a centre with the highest standards of safety on the planet.

The U-shape configuration of the buildings creates a community among the children because they can see but visit each other if educators deem it to be safe, rather than being separated by age.
The unique design was also built for the safety of children and staff.

The building with the 7mt high walls acts as a barrier to the public and vehicles…. and prevent any unwanted items and rubbish from being thrown into the children’s play areas.

All play areas within the centre are in the middle of the building within the U-shape, this means that should anyone be walking past the centre they cannot see or interact with your children while at the centre.

At most centres you will find that the play spaces are enclosed within a pool fence, this means that anyone can walk past and talk to your children, expose themselves or leave unwanted items along the fence.

ANOTHER HUGE SAFETY ADVANTAGE is the main fence that runs around the centre, this ensures that if children, with their parents leaving the centre, NEED TO VIA CARPARK, they are still unable to make it to the busy road, thus adding in that extra level of safety and peace of mind for parents.

Here are 27 Reasons Why Leap Start Early Learning Childcare Southern River is the First and Last Choice for Parents Whose Child’s Safety is Paramount….

  • External Fence
  • Entrance Fence
  • Inner Courtyard Playground – no exposure to unknown persons, no dangerous rubbish thrown into garden
  • All staff First Aid/CPR trained
  • All staff receive annual Fire Warden Training
  • Electronic, individualised access to building
  • No access to children’s area for unauthorized persons
  • Lock down buckets with food, drink, hygiene items, nappies, potty and portable toilet
  • Evacuation bags with socks, blankets, and umbrellas for weather protection. We use Yoga mats to create a safe path exiting the building and to prevent the children’s feet from being burnt on hot ground We practise one kind of Emergency every month for as many times as it takes to perform the drill to the highest standard. All staff receives annual fire warden training.
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Duress Button
  • Cameras
  • Number Plate Recognition Camera
  • Educators given time to check premises daily before centre opening
  • Educators wearing Hygiene Bags with tissues, gloves, mask, sanitizer, band aids
  • Paediatric Defibrillator at reception
  • All staff receive device specific annual defib training
  • Areas containing chemicals inaccessible to children (laundry, main kitchen, store, staff room and staff office)
  • Safety Data sheets maintained for all chemicals on site
  • Customised Internal action plans are created for each child with a medical condition in collaboration with the parents and the child’s physician, in addition to Official Medical action plans and practitioner plans. We supply children either with an “Anaphylaxis” or “Medical Condition” Wristband and ask parents to train us in their child’s special requirements, such as braces for Hip Dysplasia
  • No food or other possibly allergen containing resources allowed into children’s area not having been purchased by Leap Start
  • Centre provides toothbrushes for staff having eaten something containing possible allergens in their lunch break
  • Daily professional cleaning
  • Hospital grade disinfection wipes (Clinell)
  • Hand wash basin at centre entrance to prevent spread of germs
  • Doorbell system into each Learning Area to prevent unnecessary access into centre- germ prevention
  • Heat guns to monitor temperatures in summer to prevent overheating in the playground

Leap Start Early Learning Childcare has been designed and fitted out with your child’s Safety and Security as our Number 1 Priority!