SAFEGUARDING Leap Start Early Learning Child Care with ULTIMATE Sun Protection Practises.

Sun Protection
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Let’s explore the importance of sun protection for young children and offer helpful guidance on how to keep our children safe from the sun.

At Leap Start, children’s health and safety are our main priorities. Because of this, we need to take special precautions throughout the warm months ahead. Since the temperature and UV rating are rising as we approach summer, it’s time to start familiarising sun protection.

6 ESSENTIAL Sun Sun Protection Practises 

WE ALWAYS WEAR HATS: During the day, educators and children who are outside have to wear their hats. No hat, no play simply means that you won’t be able to play outside until you can put on!

Safeguarding Leap Start Early Learning Child Care With Ultimate Sun Protection Practises.

WE APPLY SUNSCREEN EVERY 2 HOURS: When children are outside our educators put sunscreen on children every two hours, making sure they record each application. In this method, we help in teaching our children the importance of frequent application of sunscreen as they grow older, in addition to protecting them. You are safe and protected given that sunscreen has been applied repeatedly. If you don’t apply sunscreen frequently during the day when UV levels are high, you won’t receive the full protection that sunscreen offers.

REGULAR FLOOR TEMPERATURE CHECKS: On hot days, our educators will check the temperature of the ground using a surface temperature gun. Even though children may be wearing shoes, sunscreen, and protective clothes, we won’t let our children play outside if the ground temperature is too high for their safety. If the temperature of the ground is above 40 degrees, there is too big of a chance that they may trip and fall or lean over and burn themselves on the ground. For this reason, we regularly check the floor temperature and determine if it is safe for our kids to play on.

DOCUMENTED UV DAILY: We measure the ultraviolet (UV) ray levels throughout the day and record them in the glass entry doors on both sides of the reception to ensure that we can prepare for high-level days.

SHADE SAIL COVERAGE: We have 91% coverage of our outdoor play spaces thanks to shade sails that are located outside. Protecting us against ultraviolet rays, damage, and harm. Allowing children to engage in safe outside play.

SHOULDERS AND NECKS COVERED: We check to make sure our children’s shoulders and necks are safe before they head outdoors to play. Wearing clothes builds up a barrier that keeps harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation away from the skin. It’s a great way to protect your skin from the sun.

A significant concern in the topic of sun protection is dehydration. Ensure that all children are getting enough water and encourage regular breaks to drink water. Children who engage in physical activity and play in the heat face the risk of dehydration. It’s important to protect the children in our care from the sun. Our young children are safeguarded when sun protection practises are presented and enforced. By incorporating sun protection practises into their daily routines, educators and caretakers play a crucial role in helping children inherit these habits that will protect their health and well-being.

Together, we can create a sun-safe space.