Safety and Security of Your Children at a Childcare centre

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The primary concern of any professional childcare provider must be the security and safety of children in their care.

If you’re searching for a childcare centre, here are a few of the things you may wish to carefully evaluate.

While many of these things are or should be covered by legislation and local rules, it would always be worthwhile checking compliance.

Safety and Security of Your Children

Are the buildings and external play areas safe from an occupation and play sense?

This is often clear from things such as the general maintenance of the property and its equipment. Remember to check things such as external play areas and equipment stored there too.

A typical quick safety and security checklist might include:

  • all plug sockets secured and capped off;
  • no runs of electrical wires (other than secured conduits);
  • items in play areas to be free of rust, sharp edges and cracks – and well secured and maintained;
  • where a dining area or food preparation centre exists, knives or pointed objects are to be locked away. This applies likewise to garden tools;
  • all windows and doors should be modern safety-glass types;
  • edges of hard materials should be cushioned on things like workbenches;
  • no fuel or inflammable materials to be stored around the premises;
  • cleaning chemicals and products should not be visible and be locked away (not stored on shelves theoretically out of children’s reach).

Much here will be common sense but do have a good look-around. It will give you reassurance (or otherwise) about the safety mindset in the centre.

Access controls
Unauthorised intrusion events are extremely rare across Australia but even so, look at a potential centre’s controls.

Check things like the door locks, the external fencing in the play areas and that all access points are controlled.

A good tip – try to visit a centre at drop-off or pickup time. These can be very busy and someone should be standing back from dealing with individual children and their parents to keep watch on what’s happening overall.

Emergency contact procedures
Make sure you understand the centre’s policies and procedures for emergency contacts etc.

There are mandatory compliance standards but some centres may go even further in their efforts to ensure that only appropriately qualified and vetted personnel work on site.

These are too detailed and varied to go into detail here. Instead, ask the centre to explain their practices to you.

First aid

It is a fact of life that children when playing and working together, will have small accidents from time to time. Minor cuts, grazes, tumbles and bruises are part and parcel of growing up.

Only a miniscule percentage of these require first-aid intervention and even those are typically very minor, usually involving a plaster and quick cleaning.
Even so, be sure that the centre’s first aid capacity and qualified personnel availability are well understood and acceptable to your requirements.

Ask questions and visit in person

Make sure you visit the centre and ask them the appropriate questions on the above and related areas. They should be only too happy to explain in more detail and if they’re not, it might give grounds for concern!

We’d certainly welcome a visit where you can check some of the above things and ask us any questions you have on security.

In fact, we even have 27 reasons listed on our website to show why our child care centre is the first and last choice for parents who believe their child’s safety is paramount. You can check them out here

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