A MAGICAL Destination of Musical Arts and Dance for YOUR children!

A Magical Destination Of Musical Arts And Dance For Your Children!
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Musical Arts and Dance: We would like to officially introduce you to our wonderful new Music and Dance Teacher Oceana!

Oceana is passionate about delivering our amazing performing arts program for each and every child here are Leap Start Southern River. Oceana teaches in our Theatre Arts Studio every Monday and Friday creating fun and engaging classes for our children to explore their education further through Music and Dance.

Musical Arts

Musical Arts and Dance

Here at Leap Start Southern River our unique educational curriculum includes many specialist programs such as…

Our Performing Arts Facilitator incorporates dance, music, singing, and drama into all her sessions making it a fun and interactive experience the children love. Plus, the children learn and sing along to Leap Start’s very own 20 songs which were composed by our resident WAAPA Bachelor qualified Music Program Facilitator and professionally recorded.
“Just singing” isn’t good enough for us at Leap Start!

Our Performing Arts Program involves singing, acting, and dancing for our 6-year-old children, facilitated in our purpose-built Performing Arts Studio. Our children are encouraged to initiate and contribute from their own ideas and to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy, and concentration.

Watch your child become a confident and involved performer while having a whale of a time!

Dance Classes for all our children in our purpose-built Studio. Combining gross and fine motor movement and balance, our children learn a variety of dance styles and become spatially more aware in an enjoyable, playful, and age-appropriate way.

Children can choose to participate in calming Relaxation Sessions to wind down and stretch their legs after a morning of high-energy experiences and mental stimulation.
Our children learn to self-regulate, manage their emotions, and recognise their need for rest and quiet moments.

With its many developmental advantages, dance and music are essential parts of early learning development. Including these expressive arts in early learning settings enhances and complements our children’s overall education.

Here at Leap Start Southern River, we understand how beneficial encouraging music and dance through education is for our children at the centre.

A Magical Destination Of Musical Arts And Dance For Your Children!


Here are some beneficial explanations for the significance of dance and music in early childhood education:

⦁ Cognitive Growth
Several cognitive processes, such as pattern recognition, memory, and attention, are activated by dancing and music. Teaching young children’s songs, rhythms, and dance routines improves their cognitive ability by fostering the growth of neural structures in growing young minds.

⦁ Language Acquisition
The development of language is supported by exposure to dance and music. Songs often include rhymes, repeating patterns, and a wide range of vocabulary, all of which assist children develop their language skills and increase their linguistic range.

⦁ Coordination and Motor Skills
Particularly in dance, precise movements and spatial awareness are necessary Children’s fine and gross motor abilities are developed through dancing exercises, which also improve balance and physical coordination.

⦁ Creative Outlet
Children can communicate themselves nonverbally using dance and music. Children may express their feelings, ideas, and creativity through movement and rhythm, which helps to provide a healthy avenue for self-expression.

⦁ Growth in Social and Emotional Development
Collaborating using music and dance in groups promotes collaboration and social engagement. Children build their social skills by learning how to cooperate, share, and take turns. Dancing and music also have the power to create emotions in children, helping them comprehend and control their emotions.

⦁ Memory and Concentration
Acquiring knowledge of songs, dancing moves, and musical patterns improves focus and memory. Children who participate in dance and music-related activities often demonstrate longer attention spans and greater focus in other subject areas.

⦁ Getting Ready for Academic Achievement
Studies show that children who engage in dance and music-related activities typically achieve better academically.

Establishing a foundation for academic achievement, these exercises activate areas of the brain linked to mathematical thinking, language development, and problem-solving abilities.

A Magical Destination Of Musical Arts And Dance For Your Children!