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Kindy Room

Fun, warmth and a supportive environment help make your child’s kindy (4 years to 6 years) experience the vital link to successful schooling.

The age-appropriate experiences are based on your child’s ability and interests with the focus on preparing them for their next step in formal education.

We work closely with local schools so we can best prepare your child for their transition.

“Nothing is left to chance to make sure your child is school ready”

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River, every decision we make is geared towards giving your child the RIGHT foundation for success at primary school.

You can expect your child to…

  • Enjoy a fun, warm, and supportive environment
  • Develop resilience, independence, and self-esteem so they cope with the changes ahead
  • Become school ready under the instruction of our fully qualified Early Childhood Education specialists.

Become school ready under the instruction of our fully qualified Early Childhood Education specialists.

For parents who want to give their children the best start in life so they develop a lifelong love of learning and are confident and school ready, Leap Start Early Learning Child Care Southern River is fast becoming a centre of choice.

Incorporating the EYLF and the WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, plus STEAM Learning as part of our unique “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) Approach, the children experience a program designed to develop skills for a lifelong love of learning.

The Kindy hub is set up in learning areas so that all children can explore, experiment, and investigate with the carefully chosen resources in 1-on-1 teaching, small group, and whole group sessions, in part similar to what they will experience in pre-primary.

Our day includes…

  • Art, craft, and free play inside and outside incorporating nature and sustainability, and safe risk taking
  • Mat Session with Children’s choice of Small Group Learning Experience or self-guided Investigations
  • Time to explore our specifically designed learning centres
  • Embedded maths, literacy, and science experiences via play-based learning areas, as well as whole-group intentional learning experiences
  • Breathing, posing, and stretching as part of our Relaxation sessions
  • Choice of Meal times
  • Real Life skills such as independent meal preparations and traffic rules on our bike path with functioning traffic lights


Your child will also enjoy

  • The “LITTLE SYMPHONIES” music program
  • Our VISUAL ARTS, PERFORMING ARTS, and MULTIPLE LANGUAGE PROGRAMS, which incorporate music, dance, and acting. New songs are introduced and concerts are practised and performed
  • Our strong emphasis on physically participating as individuals, in small groups, and within the whole group
  • Wider community involvement via Excursions and Incursion to deepen the understanding of the current learning content
  • Care for and use our two organic garden beds to plant, nurture, harvest, and cook produce
  • Shared kitchen area with sinks, fridges, freezers, microwave oven, and dishwasher are utilised for fully supervised cooking experiences which children just love – incorporates life skills such as setting the table and washing up
  • Laundry on-site for the washing of tea towels and the like so everything is clean and fresh every day
  • The immaculate learning environment inside and out thanks to our professional cleaners and gardener – all children are encouraged to do their part to keep their area clean and sustainable
  • Individual lockers encourage taking responsibility for their belongings, and ample storage ensures learning areas are tidy when required
  • Information board above the lockers keeps you informed of the day’s activities and upcoming events

Kindy Room Team

  • Charis Frame

    Charis Frame

    Team Leader Trainee Diploma Qualified Early Childhood Educator
  • Winnie Yeung

    Winnie Yeung

    Diploma Qualified Educator
  • Emma Chhouk

    Emma Chhouk

    Trainee Diploma Qualified Educator
  • Kritika


    Diploma Qualified Educator

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