In Nursery 1, Making Sure your Child feels SAFE, LOVED and COMFORTABLE is our Priority.

Nursery 1
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We no longer have a waitlist and now have availability in our Nursery 1 room at Leap Start Southern River!

In Nursery 1, (6 weeks to 15 months) we develop caring and trustworthy connections with our children and mix home routines with our unique “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) Approach curriculum. This allows children to connect with their surroundings and reach developmental goals.In Nursery 1, Making Sure Your Child Feels Safe, Loved And Comfortable Is Our Priority.

Because we recognise that your child has been learning since before birth, the programmes we offer provide infants with opportunities for fine motor and sensory experiences while learning in a group setting with other children.

Some OUTSTANDING attributes about our Nursery 1 room.

1: Inside the room, we move around and change the layout and setting on a regular basis to engage our nursery children’s learning. We provide them the autonomy to choose what they want to do within their room environment.

2: Nursery Room 1 educators work hard to form strong relationships and bonds within the room. Each educator prides themselves on knowing each child their likes, and dislikes, and the best way to settle them should they become upset. Because of this and the connections our educators build our children have a strong sense of belonging in the room and safety which is considerably a very important factor in early learning education and development.

3: Not only in our Nursery 1 room but the whole of Leap Start Southern River we always put your child’s needs of the child first. Prioritizing their well-being, development, and individual requirements above all else. Understanding and respecting the unique qualities of each child with distinct needs, abilities, and interests.

4: We have the consistency of the same staff in our nursery 1 room daily, this way the children become familiar with who is in the room with them and work to establish strong long-lasting bonds between educators and children.

In Nursery 1, Making Sure Your Child Feels Safe, Loved And Comfortable Is Our Priority.

Specifically, YOU and YOUR child will love about Nursery 1!


In Nursery 1, Making Sure Your Child Feels Safe, Loved And Comfortable Is Our Priority.


In Nursery 1, Making Sure Your Child Feels Safe, Loved And Comfortable Is Our Priority.

Leap Start Southern River Music Curriculum including songs, rhythm, and dance.

Language, maths, science, and literacy skills are embedded in everything we do.

Art, craft, indoor play (with soft fall) incorporating nature and sustainability.

Large inside play area so they can enjoy their solitary play without bumping into other children.

Specially chosen ergonomic cots in two sizes for smooth pick up and lay down so sleep disturbance is minimised, with the added benefit of being at the height to minimise bending for our Childcare Educators, these costs are made of wood – yes, even indoors we’ve tried to make the environment as natural as possible!

Large outside play area with soft fall car track, vegetable garden creek, sandpit, passionfruit canopy, plum tree and a small grass mount surrounded by a sensory path.

Shared modern nappy change rooms and toilet facility, complete with individual lockers for each child’s supplies, and glass panels for supervision.

In Nursery 1 we have wonderful educator’s providing your child with wonderful days spent at Leap Start Southern River. Our Nursery 1 team consists of 4 educators, Sofie, Emy and Jayde who are all qualified and trained to make sure your child feels safe and loved within the Nursery 1 Room.

If you are interested or are looking for a new early childcare home for your newborn, please book a tour to find out more!