01. If the STEAM Learning curriculum is so good for children, why don’t more places use it and we hear more about it?

Posted on April 3 2023 Categories:

This is a great question. The Federal Government is pushing for more STEAM Learning curricula in all education to better develop and prepare children for the 21st century. You may have heard of STEM which has been promoted for school-aged children. Studies found that while STEM helped students be better prepared for their future, the critical process of creativity and innovation was missing. So Arts were added including Performing, Visual, and Creative arts programs. It is well documented that introducing children to music, storytelling, painting, and other arts at an early age can accelerate brain development and positively impact fine motor skills, coordination, memory, focus, discipline, and self-esteem. This is why we incorporate STEAM Learning into our curriculum and the parents love the results. We believe eventually more early learning facilities will follow our lead.