Children have a Biological Connection with Living Things that can be Fostered in Early Education and Care.

Living Things
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Connection with Living Things: Research has shown that the benefit of Animals are a great way to support teaching and support children’s learning. It has also been identified that animals have a positive impact as they can motivate and engage children, while helping them to calmy sort through an argument or conflict.

Top 5 GREAT REASONS Why Children Need Exposure to Living Things!

  • Improved Physical Health: Animals can have a positive effect on physical heath, as interacting with animals can benefit cardiovascular health, lower stress levels, and reduce pain. Being involved with animals encourage children to get their bodies moving and become more physically active.
  • Improved Mental Health: Mental health can have many effects on our day to day lives, by introducing animals and having regular interactions with them it can reduce the feeling on loneliness and depression, increase self esteem and boost the sense of security and happiness. Children who are around animals also tend to learn better, have higher cognitive skills and demonstrate improved problem-solving abilities.
  • Teaching Responsibility: Pets can enhance a children’s understanding of having a responsibility to something that can’t always take care of itself. It enables them to learn important life lessons and become responsible for a living things safety and wellbeing.
  • Encourage Empathy: Research has shown that children who interact with animals on a regular and continuing basis that they tend to be more compassionate, patient, and understanding. With the increase in empathy, children then further develop their own skills, to become more capable of forming healthy relationships with other people.
  • Educational Benefits: Children learning about animals can benefit from an educational point of view, they can be exposed to learning about different species, how to care for them, which animas to avoid. This may also show them a career path they want to follow in the future. Animals can assist children in a better understanding of their own identity, while having several positive impacts on their own development.

The 0-7 age bracket is one of the most important in a child’s development, so it’s vital you get the right childcare for your child’s development.

Children Have A Biological Connection With Living Things That Can Be Fostered In Early Education And Care.

One of the ways that Leap Start Early Learning Childcare support’s children’s development is through our Farmyard Friends Specialist Program, where the children are exposed to looking after and caring for animals.

This enables children to broaden their understanding and knowledge of the world they live in, demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for the natural environment, and explore and learning about the interdependence between people and animals.

Farmyard Friends – Meet Marshmallow and Quokka

Children Have A Biological Connection With Living Things That Can Be Fostered In Early Education And Care.

We and the children are lucky to have two very special Guinea Pigs Marshmallow and Quokka who live at the centre, the children have the opportunity on a daily basis to go and visit them in their enclosure to say hello and even give them a cuddle.

Children learn hands-on about the guinea pigs and how to care for them, some of the ways that we do this is getting them to assist the educators in feeding them and giving them fresh water and hay. This enhances their knowledge on what their needs are and putting it into a hands-on approach.
Not only are they great additions to the centre they provide a tool to assist parents with drop offs, but it can also be hard to say goodbye to our parents in the morning, however coming and saying hello to the guinea pigs have given the children a way too feel comfortable and safe while settling in for their fun day ahead.

Leap Start Early Learning embeds STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) throughout the centre, by offering a Farmyard Friends Specialist Program.

This enables children to further extend on their own knowledge while also incorporating STEAM into how they learn about animals and put this into practice.