Should Parents Allow Their Children Access To Digital Devices?

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Your Children’s Access to Digital Devices?

Does it BENEFIT them or put them in HARM’S way?

In today’s technology-driven world, digital devices have become a fundament part of our everyday lives as well as our young children’s. From smartphones and tablets to computers and smart TVs the list could go on.

In fact, digital devices are NOW a fact of life that requires navigation.

These devices offer endless possibilities for learning, entertainment, and connectivity. Technology’s widespread use especially among young children, has raised concerns about potential risks and benefits…

As early as infancy, children are exposed to digital screens through electronic toys and educational apps and they are growing up surrounded by technology in this digital age.

While this can enhance learning and cognitive development parents should consider that unsupervised screen time can lead to potential issues.

4 GREAT POSITIVES for YOUR children growing up in the digital world consist of…

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, there are endless opportunities for Interactive educational apps + websites that can make learning fun and engaging for children. These tools can complement a child’s cognitive skills, promote creativity, and improve their problem-solving abilities. These educational opportunities will continue to contribute through later years of schooling and life. So really it is great for children to develop an understanding of this, to be comfortable at a young age and adapt the skills of navigating technology.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION, the internet can be very handy it provides so much knowledge that can be beneficial for children’s curiosity and research skills. Under appropriate guidance, it can help broaden their understanding of the world in which they are living and their curiosity.

IMPROVED MOTOR SKILLS, some digital games require motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this can help a child’s physical development without them even noticing.

SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY, digital devices enable children to connect with family and friends, from all around the world by the tap of a screen. Video calls and messaging platforms create and maintain relationships even over long distances.

4 Potential RISKS parents should be AWARE of for children growing up in the digital world…

SCREEN ADDICTION, excessive screen time can lead to addiction-like behaviours, making it challenging for children to disconnect from digital devices. In a recent news article written by Bethany Hiatt education editor published in the Western Australian Saturday the 8th of July, an article expresses the recent growing risks of addiction to online gaming amongst young children and early teens proving this potential screen time risk.

SLEEP DISRUPTIONS, blue light is emitted by screens on digital devices which can disrupt sleep patterns, affecting the quality and quantity of a child’s sleep and ability.

PHYSICAL HEALTH ISSUES, prolonged screen time can lead to sedentary behaviour, leading to potential health problems like obesity and postural issues. It is important to encourage children to play and participate in activities outside to get them moving after sitting on screens for long periods of time.

DEVELOPMENTAL CONCERNS, spending too much time on screens may affect a child’s social and emotional development, as well as hinder language and communication skills online slang which has become common and popular and often used as a way of shortcuts can be detrimental to proper language development.

5 Tips for HEALTHY Digital Device Use EVERY Parent can implement at home.

SET TIME LIMITS AND BOUNDARIES, establish reasonable screen time limits, and encourage children to engage in other activities like outdoor play, reading, or hobbies.

QUALITY CONTENT, prioritize educational and age-appropriate content that encourages learning and creativity that will overall be beneficial for their development.

CO-VIEWING AND INTERACTION, whenever possible, watch or play with your child to enhance engagement and guide their understanding of the content they may be experiencing. Also making sure what your child is viewing is child friendly.

DEVICE-FREE ZONES, designate certain areas or times in the home as device-free, such as during meals or before bedtime.

BE AWARE IN THE FUTURE, as young children get older and transition into having their own digital devices and online profiles be aware of the risks that are involved with being online. Bullying, harassment, and stolen identity, unfortunately, come with the territory of having a profile or account. So, it is important to always teach young children to be cyber-safe as they do grow up in this digital age and know exactly what they are doing on these devices and take responsibility for their safety.

Digital devices undoubtedly offer great potential for learning and entertainment…

But as parents and caregivers, it is crucial to monitor and moderate their use among young children.

Creating a healthy balance between the advantages of technology and its potential risks is essential for nurturing young minds and ensuring their healthy development in this digital age.

By being mindful of their screen time and offering alternative activities, we can help children thrive in a world where technology plays an ever-increasing role.